Integrity Commission

Media policy

We don’t generally comment

The Commission generally neither confirms nor denies the existence, or any aspect, of any complaint or investigation. The reasons are:

  • if we are conducting an investigation, confirming this fact publicly will prejudice our ability to successfully complete it. People may destroy evidence or be influenced by others;
  • some complainants may publicise a complaint to us for political or other reasons. We do not agree with such actions, and we don’t want to encourage them by confirming that we are investigating; and
  • the privacy and reputations of people who are subject to a complaint need to be respected.

We sometimes make an exception if…

In certain conditions, the Commission may comment on matters that have been, or are about to be, discussed on the public record if:

  • the matter is already in the public domain, and the parties are identified;
  • the Commission’s dealings (i.e. triage, assessment or investigation) are complete; or where the dealings are not complete, the matter has been publicly misrepresented or misreported;
  • no public report by the Commission is contemplated;
  • a public statement will not prejudice our or another agency’s ability to successfully finalise the matter; and
  • the privacy and reputations of people who are complained about will not be unfairly damaged.

Any such comment:

  • may include a brief description of the matter and/or its outcome, the legal basis for any decision made, and the reasons for the decision, as determined on a case by case basis;
  • will be authorised by the Chief Commissioner or CEO in each case; and
  • will be published on the Commission’s website, at a time to be determined by the Commission.

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Requests for further comment

Any requests for media comment should be made to the Integrity Commission or telephone 1300 720 289.

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File photos of Commission spokespeople are available on request.

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The Commission allows organisations or individuals to provide hyperlinks to the Commission website ( We ask that links to the site follow these guidelines:

  • Please ensure that there is no confusion about the origin of the content and that the Commission is correctly attributed.
  • If fees are involved, please ensure that your users are aware that the Commission content is free and that they are paying for your services, not the content the Commission offers.
  • Any text supporting the link should not contradict the Commission's goals or objectives, nor be detrimental to the Commission.
  • The Integrity Commission logo is not to be used without written consent from the Commission.