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Speak Up

Speak up and support ethical behaviour in your workplace.

Everyone and anyone across the Tasmanian public sector can help to identify and eradicate misconduct. If you notice anything about individual or corporate behaviour that seems unethical, such as favours for mates, undeclared gifts, conflicts of interest or misuse of resources, don't keep it to yourself – do something about it.

The Integrity Commission is working with agencies to give employees clear and easy-to-find information about what they can do. Look for the Speak up campaign on your agency's intranet or website. You'll find information about how to Speak up and report misconduct. If you can't find it – ask your agency when it will be available.

As public sector employees, we all have a responsibility to contribute to high ethical standards in our workplaces. Be part of the solution and Speak up.

For more information

See the Speak up page on your agency's intranet or website. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction you should consider making a complaint to one of these relevant organisations.

Integrity Commission


Has your agency signed up to Speak up?

Agencies can easily get on-board with the campaign by contacting us at or call 1300 720 289.

Campaign update

We commend the following agencies for taking the lead and adopting Speak up thus far:

You can review the latest Speak up campaign updates on the link below

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