Integrity Commission

IntegrityHub (eLearning)

IntegrityHub is our online environment where we provide e-learning modules.

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IntegrityHub is available to all public sector organisations, employees and elected members in Tasmania. The modules in IntegrityHub are provided without charge.


Create your account

Create a user account in IntegrityHub to see the modules that are available and to self-enrol in the modules. Click the ‘Create new account’ button in IntegrityHub.

Self-enrol in the modules

Self enrolment in each module is through an ‘enrolment key’. We provide a unique enrolment key to each public sector organisation (at the request of each organisation). You can self-enrol in a module once you have your organisation’s enrolment key for the module.

Support and assistance

For further information about the modules, or to request enrolment keys for your organisation, please contact us.

Help and technical support for users of IntegrityHub is available within IntegrityHub. Please see the options and forum topics within each module.