Integrity Commission

In-person workshops

Our in-person workshops are conducted face-to-face in various locations around the state.

Practical Ethics in the Public Sector

This is an interactive half-day workshop provided through the Training Consortium. The workshop helps participants to build on their understanding of ethics and how ethics apply in the public sector.

Practical Ethics for Managers in the Public Sector

This one day workshop will explore the challenges and opportunities that public sector managers (particularly middle managers) face in their role.

Guided by experienced facilitators from the Integrity Commission, the workshop will also show managers how to make ethical decisions with greater confidence; to contribute to an ethical culture, and how to be a positive role model and support for team members, using case studies, scenarios and group discussions.

Managing Ethical Risks on Council

Our workshops for councillors are customised for individual councils and delivered face-to-face and onsite. The workshops typically run for 90 to 120 minutes. Each workshop introduces the concepts of ethics, integrity, the public interest and public trust. Interactive activities help councillors to explore ethical risk areas relevant to them. They experience ethical decision making tools to assist in their day-to-day work as councillors. The workshops draw upon the Code of Conduct for Councillors; define misconduct and its consequences; and profile the role of the Commission. These learning outcomes meet the minimum ethics training requirements that Mayors/GMs are required to provide councillors in Tasmania. Councils can contact us to find out more and book workshops.

Ethics and Integrity for Members of Parliament

Workshops for Members of Parliament (MPs) explore ethics and integrity issues in public service, with a specific focus on how these issues apply to MPs. They provide practical guidance for MPs on topics such as accountability, conflicts of interest, governance and responsibilities in various contexts, interactions with stakeholders, and ethical dealings within parliament. Workshops are generally provided following each election and also on-demand. Contact us to find out more.

Tailored workshops

Tailored workshops are an option for public sector organisations that need to focus on specific topics not already covered by the training we provide (above) or the modules we provide. Availability of tailored workshops is limited and is subject to our limited resources. We are not able to fulfil all requests. We prioritise requests based on the type and scope of need, the organisation’s capacity to self-deliver in-house, and our available resources at the time.