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Monitoring the Parliamentary Disclosure of Interests Register.

Report 1 of 2018


This is a report prepared in accordance with the Integrity Commission’s (the Commission) function of monitoring the operation of the Parliamentary disclosure of interests register, pursuant to section 30(a) of the Integrity Commission Act 2009 (‘Integrity Commission Act’). The review period for this report is from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.

The Parliamentary disclosure of interests register is in fact two registers (collectively, ‘the Register’),1 with one register being kept by the clerk of each House of Parliament in accordance with the Parliamentary (Disclosure of Interests) Act 1996 (‘Disclosure Act’).

The purpose of the Register is to provide a mechanism for Members of Parliament (‘Members’) to disclose interests that may affect, or may be perceived to affect, the objectivity of their decision making. Disclosure of interests is the first step in the management of such interests, and enhances the confidence of the Tasmanian public in the transparency of parliamentary processes. It is an important component of parliamentary integrity.

Our previous reports on the Register have been superficial, reviewing only whether Members were complying with form requirements. This report is more forensic in nature, and has verified some of the interests that have been disclosed.

Direct feedback has been given to each Member, via the relevant Clerk, about their compliance with Disclosure Act requirements.

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