Integrity Commission

How to report

Any person can make a complaint to the Integrity Commission about Tasmanian public sector misconduct, including serious misconduct by police officers. A complaint to the Integrity Commission must be in writing, but it can be anonymous.

All complaints of alleged misconduct are assessed to determine if they are a protected disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2002 (the PID Act). Under the PID Act, disclosures can be made both orally and in writing.

If you think that the Integrity Commission is the correct agency for your complaint, and that it fits within our jurisdiction, please report it to us.

When you are ready to send us your complaint we ask that you:

1. Check that your complaint or report fits within our jurisdiction.

  • The Integrity Commission, under its legislation, can only deal with matters that relate to misconduct by a public sector authority or officer, as well as elected members of State Parliament and local government. Public sector authorities include state government departments, government businesses, police, custodial officers, the University of Tasmania and councils.

2. Ensure that your complaint or information is legitimate.

  • Your complaint should be provided in good faith, in the belief that it is correct. The legislation makes it an offence to make a false complaint.

3. Consider giving us your details.

  • While we accept anonymous complaints, we do encourage you to provide your personal details. If you are anonymous we will be unable to contact you and we cannot follow up if we need to obtain more information.
  • Provide as many relevant details as you can.  You do not have to provide every possible document with the form but please ensure you clearly outline those matters relevant to your complaint.

You can report using one of these options:

Download a complaint form

Use our downloadable complaint form (PDF, 92.5 KB) if you want to print out the form and write in your responses. If you need help in completing the form or need an interpreter, please contact us to make arrangements.

Forward the completed form and any associated documents to:

Integrity Commission
GPO Box 822
Hobart TAS 7001

Fax: 03 6173 0262

Where the information is highly confidential, we recommend submitting your complaint via our secure online form, by post or by fax.