Integrity Commission

Reports and publications

The Integrity Commission provides reports and publications for the Tasmanian public and the public sector. These include:

The Commission has developed tools and resources to assist public authorities in:

  • training their staff; and
  • improving their ethical systems and capacity to prevent misconduct.

The resources are designed to assist with decision-making at all levels of an agency, including individual, team, section, management, and whole of agency. You can search resources by topic/type or browse our video scenarios.

Using and reproducing Integrity Commission publications and resources

Every Integrity Commission publication and published resource contains information on copyright ownership and terms of use, generally located at the front of the publication. Under the terms of Division 3 of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), limited further use of copyright material can occur for the purposes of 'fair dealing', for example study, research or criticism, etc.

If you wish to make use of Commission's copyright material other than as permitted by the Copyright Act, you must seek and receive prior written permission from the Commission. Please write to the CEO at GPO Box 822, Hobart, TAS 7001 or send an email to with full details of the proposed use, including whether any financial profit will be derived from the proposed use of the Commission's copyright material.