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Self-assessment research survey with heads of agencies to map ethical practice and awareness in the public sector


We have asked Tasmanian public sector organisations about their organisational integrity systems and processes. The survey includes all State Government departments and businesses, local government municipal councils, and statutory authorities.

This is the first such broad survey since our 2012 review (PDF, 1.4 MB) of what was being done by state departments and government businesses to meet their ethical education obligations under the Integrity Commission Act. That survey covered a selection of Tasmanian public sector organisations; nearly a decade later, we are repeating the initiative with every public sector organisation within our jurisdiction.

The Ethics and Integrity Snapshot is an expanded survey instrument aimed at assessing requirements under section 32 of our Act, alongside other topics related to organisational integrity systems and processes. We hope to gain a clear view of what public organisations have in place to support integrity and to identify areas for development.

Data collected during this project will be analysed and reported back to organisations, along with corresponding recommendations. A public report will present a de-identified analysis to provide an overview of the public sector’s response to misconduct prevention and integrity promotion. Publishing this report provides transparency and seeks to reassure the public and the Parliament that these activities are being monitored and implemented.

This page was last updated on 09 Jan 2023.