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Declarations made by Tasmanian MPs for the Parliamentary Disclosure of Interests Register are still lacking an appropriate level of accuracy and information, according to the latest Integrity Commission report on its monitoring of the register.

Administrative non-compliance in returns for the register has continued to be an issue, the report says.

The Commission found that of 25 forms submitted by MHAs and 14 from Legislative Councillors, only one returned a fully-compliant form.

Errors or omissions ranged from insufficient information relating to sources of income, to interests in real estate or dispositions of property, to interests and positions in corporations and disclosures relating to travel and gifts. The great majority of the errors were a result of not using the correct terminology as required by the disclosure form, and a failure to complete all parts of the form. This leads to uncertainty for the Commission in its review of the actual interests held by Members.

The Commission has been working with the Department of Premier and Cabinet on a new reporting form, designed to make it easier for MPs to provide full, accurate information in preparing declarations.

This is the second year in which the Commission has publicly reported on its monitoring of the register. The report represents a more forensic review of Members’ disclosures and the register’s operation.

Independent verification of Members’ disclosures, along with increased public access to and scrutiny of the register, contributes to public confidence in the transparency of parliamentary processes, and are important components of parliamentary integrity.

Richard Bingham
Chief Executive Officer
2 May 2018

Media contact:
Teresa Banman
Manager Misconduct Prevention Education and Research
1300 720 289