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Is your complaint for us?

We deal with public sector misconduct complaints and can investigate when we need to find out further information. We operate within the powers outlined in the Integrity Commission Act 2009 (Tas).

If you are considering making a complaint, it’s important to understand that the complaint must relate to the public sector and it must constitute misconduct, as defined in our Act.

What is the public sector?

The Tasmanian public sector employs more than 43,000 people across a range of organisations, including:

  • Local Government
  • the Tasmanian State Service
  • a Statutory Authority
  • a government business or state-owned company
  • Tasmania Police
  • the University of Tasmania
  • Members of Parliament

Misconduct by public sector employees

We can only deal with complaints about the conduct of public sector employees. Public sector employees includes people who work in:

  • State Service organisations, including government departments, public schools and public hospitals
  • government business enterprises and state-owned companies, such as TasNetworks and Hydro Tasmania
  • the University of Tasmania
  • local councils
  • Tasmania Police, and
  • prisons and correctional centres.

It includes elected officers such as Members of Parliament and local councillors.

We do not have the power to investigate:

  • an organisation – misconduct can only be committed by a person
  • the private sector
  • tribunal members, judges and magistrates
  • members of the Tasmanian Industrial Commission
  • Members of Parliament where the alleged misconduct is in connection with a proceeding in Parliament
  • issues arising in other states or territories, or
  • Commonwealth parliamentarians, departments or agencies.

For more details, visit the Reporting Misconduct page.

Tasmania’s integrity system

Other independent integrity bodies in Tasmania include:

This page was last updated on 26 Sep 2022.