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The Commission has educative, preventative and advisory functions to assist public authorities to manage and deal with misconduct.

As part of this, we undertake research into ethical conduct and misconduct risks. This enables us to develop education material and programs to enhance integrity in public service, and to recommend ethical practices, procedures and standards for implementation by public authorities and their employees.

Our educative and advisory functions are outlined in section 31 of the Integrity Commission Act. These include functions to:

  • undertake research into matters related to ethical conduct
  • review and make recommendations about practices, procedures and standards in relation to conduct, propriety and ethics in public authorities
  • provide advice to public officers and the public about standards of conduct and ethics in public authorities, and
  • take such steps as we consider necessary to uphold, promote and ensure adherence to standards of conduct, propriety and ethics in public authorities.

This section of the site has been created to make our research activities and projects transparent and more accessible to the community. We have included both our current research projects and research we have undertaken in the past. We will update the various project pages as they progress.

Active research

Completed research

This page was last updated on 09 Jan 2023.