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Media Releases

Media comment

We are timely in our response to media queries. We can assist with background on our role and, in some circumstances, can clarify or assist with information we release publicly.

However, we generally don’t confirm or deny the existence or any aspect of a complaint or an investigation because:

  • public confirmation may prejudice our ability to successfully conduct an investigation. For example, individuals may destroy evidence or be influenced by others
  • a complaint may be used for political or other reasons and we don’t encourage this practice
  • the privacy and reputation of individuals subject to a complaint must be respected, or
  • public confirmation in one instance may lead to inferences being drawn in other instances

We only comment in exceptional circumstances or when it is in the public interest to do so. This may happen, for example, if a matter is already in the public domain and parties are identified or if the privacy and reputation of those subject to the complaint will not be unfairly damaged.

If you are speaking to an individual who is involved in an investigation, be aware the person may be subject to confidentiality provisions that have legal implications for media representatives.

Media contact

Ph: 1300 720 289

Logo and file photos

The Integrity Commission logo can only be used with our written consent.

File photos of the CEO and Chief Commissioner are available on request.

Links to our website

If you provide a hyperlink to our website, we ask that:

  • the Commission is correctly attributed
  • text for the link is not detrimental to the Commission or contradicts its goals or objectives
  • if fees apply for your website, you make users aware they are paying for your services and that our web content is free

This page was last updated on 17 Jan 2023.