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Media Release 29 September 2022

Integrity Commission CEO highlights links between property developers and councillors as misconduct risk

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Media Release 18 May 2022

Integrity Commission seeks public input into a review of Tasmania’s lobbying oversight system

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Media Release 06 April 2022

Integrity Commission recommends improved processes for funding promises and commitments made during Tasmanian election campaigns

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Media Release 10 March 2022

Statement from the Chief Commissioner on Australia Institute report

The Integrity Commission notes the public debate surrounding its functions, powers and jurisdiction.

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Media Release 25 November 2021

The Integrity Commission tables review of Tasmania Police's conduct and complaint management system, Abacus

The Integrity Commission has today tabled in the Tasmanian Parliament a review of
Tasmania Police’s new conduct and complaint management system, Abacus.

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Media Release 28 October 2021

Annual Report 2020-21 Enhancing public trust in government

The Tasmanian Integrity Commission’s Annual Report for 2020-21, tabled in Parliament today, demonstrates how the work of the Commission improves the quality of public service and enhances public trust in government.

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Media Release 25 October 2021

Integrity Commission’s research paper identifies a need for public discussion on Tasmania’s Electoral Act bribery offences

The Integrity Commission has today released a research paper considering the existing offences under the Tasmanian Electoral Act and the oversight powers of the Tasmanian Electoral Commissioner.

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Media Release 15 September 2021

New Integrity Commission Ethics and Integrity Snapshot

The Integrity Commission is asking Tasmanian public sector organisations about their organisational integrity systems and processes. A new survey, released today, will include all State Government departments and businesses, local government municipal councils, and statutory authorities.

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Media Release 24 August 2021

Investigation into allegations of misconduct by the Work Health and Safety Regulator, Government Ministers and ministerial staff

The Integrity Commission has investigated allegations that two Government Ministers and their staff sought to improperly influence the former Work Health and Safety Regulator and CEO of WorkSafe Tasmania, Mark Cocker.

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Media Release 13 August 2021

Integrity Commission reviewing Parliamentary disclosures of interest

The Board of the Integrity Commission has endorsed a new project reviewing Members of Parliament compliance with the Parliamentary Disclosure of Interests Register under the Parliamentary (Disclosure of Interests) Act 1996...

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