Integrity Commission

About the Commission

The Integrity Commission was established on 1 October 2010 by the Integrity Commission Act 2009 (the Act).

The Commission is independent of Tasmanian State Government and is not subject to the direction or control of a minister. The Commission is not part of, or subject to, any other department or agency.

The three primary objectives of the Commission are to:

  • improve the standard of conduct, propriety and ethics in public authorities in Tasmania;
  • enhance public confidence that misconduct by public officers will be appropriately investigated and dealt with;
  • enhance the quality of, and commitment to, ethical conduct by adopting a strong, educative, preventative and advisory role.

The Commission achieves these objectives by:

  • assisting the public sector to deal with misconduct and educating public officers and the public about integrity;
  • dealing with allegations and complaints of misconduct about public officers and making findings and recommendations in relation to investigations.

The Act also established the:

The Act was the outcome of recommendations made by the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on Ethical Conduct.