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Anyone can make a complaint to us about Tasmanian public sector misconduct, regardless of whether they are a community member or a public sector employee.

Why report?

Reporting misconduct helps to ensure that:

  • public sector organisations operate honestly, ethically and fairly
  • public money and resources are not wasted
  • misconduct risks are identified so they can be dealt with and prevented

Find out more about how to make a complaint or what we do to help the Tasmanian public sector prevent misconduct.

Insight into risks

We gather information in a range of ways so we can identify misconduct risks and respond to them.

Complaints help us develop an in-depth understanding of risks. Another way we monitor risk trends is through notifications from public sector organisations about allegations of misconduct they have received. For this reason, all public bodies are strongly encouraged to notify us about allegations.

We gain insight in other ways, such as through training, meetings and our engagement with public sector organisations and employees.

This page was last updated on 07 Sep 2022.