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An Integrity Commission investigation has cleared Premier, the Hon Will Hodgman, and the Minister for Health, the Hon Michael Ferguson, of interference in the dismissal of a Cricket Australia employee.

The investigation considered allegations that the Premier and Mr Ferguson exerted undue influence on either Cricket Tasmania, Cricket Australia or both organisations, leading to the sacking of Cricket Australia employee, Angela Williamson, in June last year, and that they had subsequently made false public statements about the matter.

In a summary report tabled in the Tasmanian Parliament today, the Commission found that:

  • all allegations were unsubstantiated, and
  • the Board of Cricket Tasmania had withdrawn its support for Ms Williamson’s employment without active government involvement.

The report says there was no credible evidence to indicate that either the Premier or Mr Ferguson attempted to have Ms Williamson removed from her position.

“There may have been indications of discomfort, but ultimately it was an independent decision of the Board of Cricket Tasmania that led to Ms Williamson losing her job,” it says.

Ms Williamson’s employment with Cricket Australia was terminated following a series of tweets criticising the Government’s policy on abortion services and unrelated policy.

The investigation found that it was most likely the Cricket Tasmania Board had withdrawn its support for Ms Williamson because it had formed the opinion she had damaged her relationship with the Government. However, the decision was made independent of any Government involvement.

In September last year, it was announced that Ms Williamson and Cricket Australia had reached an agreement and Ms Williamson would no longer pursue legal action.

Media contact:
Mr Chris Carney
Director, Misconduct Prevention
1300 720 289