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The Integrity Commission will strengthen its misconduct prevention program with the Tasmanian public sector during the next two years.

The expanded focus on misconduct prevention follows a comprehensive review of its prevention strategies, drawing on insights gained in almost a decade of operation.

In its annual report (PDF, 1.5 MB), tabled today in the Tasmanian Parliament, the Commission outlined new measures for its prevention work, which is a key mandate of its legislation These include a consolidated plan for action that will launch a new online platform and education module intended for the entire public sector workforce, as well as expansion of its statewide outreach program to support public authorities to build integrity and capacity to prevent and manage misconduct.

"While our investigative work is critical in shining a light on public sector misconduct, the lasting benefits arise from what we learn and how we use that to define good practice and promote a culture of integrity," the report states.

Speaking after release of the report, CEO Richard Bingham says the timing is right for a renewed focus on misconduct prevention.

"Our work to date has been valuable but we're now in a position to capitalise on the depth of knowledge we've gained about Tasmanian misconduct risks, barriers and, of course the many positives that are happening in the public sector."

Consistent with its legislation, the Commission continued to focus its investigative resources on allegations of serious misconduct and the most senior public sector officials, with several significant investigations conducted and four reports released in the public interest.

The Commission received 140 complaints during the period. Forty-eight assessments and six investigations were completed, relating to 160 allegations of public sector misconduct.

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