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Investigation summaries are presented individually in this section to improve accessibility, transparency, and convenience for the community.

Investigation Boomer

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Investigation Boomer considered conflicts of interest arising for two employees working across the public and private sectors. The focus of the investigation was the establishment by one of the employees of a private business that provided services to the public organisation.

The allegations included that the employees failed to disclose and take reasonable steps to avoid conflicts of interest, influenced decisions that had potential to impact other service providers and the organisation’s procurement of services from the business, and were benefitting privately from their public sector duties...

Sector: Tasmanian State Service
Respondent level: Public Officer
Misconduct risk(s): Improper or dishonest performance of functions and powers in procurement and provision of public services
Outcome: Referred to Principal Officer for action, with suggested improvements to processes – no report published

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Investigation Hyperion

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Own motion investigation Hyperion considered the policies, practices and procedures, and conduct of public officers involved in providing funding to community groups through the 2018 State election. The grounds for the investigation involved possible conduct or systemic issues concerning the scale of the election commitments, and whether the process for determining and announcing recipients was sufficiently transparent.

The investigation also considered the existing powers of the Tasmanian Electoral Commissioner, and whether the Electoral Commissioner should have additional powers.

The investigation commenced in February 2019, and a draft investigation report was provided to relevant parties for comment in mid-2020. The Board obtained independent legal advice on various jurisdictional, scope and content issues, the extent of the investigation, and its terms of reference...

Sector: Tasmanian Parliament
Respondent level: Designated Public Officers – Elected representatives
Misconduct risk(s): Provision of funding to community groups through the 2018 State election and the powers of Tasmanian Electoral Commission to investigate alleged corrupt practices
Outcome: No determination as the Board revoked its decision to conduct the investigation

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Investigation Munro

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Investigation Munro arose from a complaint about an employee falsifying timesheets to show they were at work when on leave, making inappropriate claims for leave, improperly managing grant funds, and not declaring conflicts of interest resulting from their outside employment. The employee’s manager was alleged to have failed to take proper actions in relation to this conduct.

Our investigation found four of the five allegations to be unsubstantiated. The allegation relating to failing to adequately declare benefits was substantiated, however was found not to be deliberate, and more likely due to a lack of awareness and support. It appears that this is not uncommon in the particular organisation, with a high likelihood that other employees are similarly failing to make such declarations...

Sector: Tasmanian State Service
Respondent level: Public officer; Designated Public Officer – Senior Executive
Misconduct allegation(s): Dishonest conduct relating to falsification of workplace documents
Outcome: Referred to Principal Officer for action

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