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Investigation Field summary


Investigation Field considered allegations that Mr Adam Brooks (when an MP) failed to manage a conflict of interest. The conflict related to his public role as Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Trade – and subsequently Minister for Mining – and his private company. Mr Brooks also allegedly failed to inform the Premier of this interest.

The investigation identified no evidence to support allegations that Mr Brooks misused information or obtained an advantage for his private business, Maintenance System Solutions (MSS), in his public roles. In addition, Mr Brooks had no material conflict of interest concerning his interest in MSS and consequently had not breached the Ministerial Code of Conduct...

Sector: Parliament of Tasmania
Respondent level: Designated Public Officer – Elected Representative
Misconduct risk(s): Misuse of power and authority
Outcome: Referred to the Premier of Tasmania for action, subject to monitoring - report released in the public interest

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This page was last updated on 10 Jan 2022.