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Cover of Investigation Diamond


Investigation Diamond considered an allegation that a former council general manager created and obtained funding for a new position, to which they were later appointed. The complainant also alleged that the Mayor and Deputy Mayor had failed to manage conflicts of interest in the recruitment and selection process for the new position.

Our investigation found that the allegation against the former General Manager was unsubstantiated. There was a legitimate need for the role’s creation, and there was no evidence that remuneration for the position was excessive. The individual had disclosed to the Mayor the intention to apply for the role and was not required under the Local Government Act to make a formal written declaration about any conflict of interest...

Sector: Local government
Respondent level: Designated Public Officer – Elected Representatives, Principal Officer
Misconduct risk(s): Conflicts of interest in recruitment
Outcome: Dismissed – no report published

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This page was last updated on 10 Jan 2022.