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Cover of Investigation Eliza


Investigation Taurus was an own-motion investigation into an alleged conflict of interest and improper performance of functions associated with the procurement of nearly $2.6m worth of multimedia resources by a Department of Education manager.

The contracted supplier was a friend of the manager. We investigated an allegation that the two had colluded to ensure that multiple procurements were below thresholds nominated in the relevant Treasurer’s Instructions.

Our investigation found that the manager had an actual conflict of interest arising from his friendship with the supplier. We also found that he had not properly identified and managed the conflict of interest as required by the State Service Act 2000 and relevant Treasurer’s Instructions...

Sector: Tasmanian State Service
Respondent level: Public Officer
Misconduct risk(s): Conflict of interest in, and improper performance of, Government procurement functions
Outcome: Referred to the Principal Officer for action - report released in the public interest

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This page was last updated on 10 Jan 2022.