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Own motion investigation Hyperion considered the policies, practices and procedures, and conduct of public officers involved in providing funding to community groups through the 2018 State election. The grounds for the investigation involved possible conduct or systemic issues concerning the scale of the election commitments, and whether the process for determining and announcing recipients was sufficiently transparent.

The investigation also considered the existing powers of the Tasmanian Electoral Commissioner, and whether the Electoral Commissioner should have additional powers.

The investigation commenced in February 2019, and a draft investigation report was provided to relevant parties for comment in mid-2020. The Board obtained independent legal advice on various jurisdictional, scope and content issues, the extent of the investigation, and its terms of reference...

Sector: Tasmanian Parliament
Respondent level: Designated Public Officers – Elected representatives
Misconduct risk(s): Provision of funding to community groups through the 2018 State election and the powers of Tasmanian Electoral Commission to investigate alleged corrupt practices
Outcome: No determination as the Board revoked its decision to conduct the investigation

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This page was last updated on 10 Jan 2022.