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Public sector misconduct, as defined in our legislation, must involve at least one of the following:

  • misusing public sector resources
  • dishonest or improper use of functions or powers
  • misusing workplace information
  • breaching a code of conduct
  • behaviour that could lead to termination of employment or being charged with a criminal offence

The Commission only considers the conduct of public sector employees, which includes those working in:

  • Local Government
  • the Tasmanian State Service
  • a Statutory Authority
  • a government business or state-owned company
  • Tasmania Police
  • the University of Tasmania

We also consider the conduct of Members of Parliament.

Misconduct examples

Public sector misconduct may include:

  • misuse or unauthorised removal of property belonging to a public sector organisation
  • accepting a gift or benefit for a particular decision or action
  • failing to declare or appropriately manage a conflict of interest
  • looking up or releasing information without proper authority

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This page was last updated on 16 Jul 2019.