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Your Notice

If you receive a notice requiring you to give evidence to the Commission, you must do what the notice asks. The notice will list the date and time you must attend our office and will include general information about the matter being investigated. Please contact us in advance if you would like to have legal or other representation if you are required to attend the Commission to give evidence.

The notice will not advise whether you are subject to an allegation or are being interviewed because you can assist with inquiries.


You must comply with any confidentiality requirements in the notice – penalties will apply if you don’t. The confidentiality requirements will not stop you from seeking advice from a lawyer.

Legal or other representation

You have the right to seek legal advice or other representation.

State Service employees may be eligible for legal assistance under the Tasmanian Employment Directions. Check with your head of agency for eligibility or a copy of the relevant information.

Further details

Get more details in the witness fact sheet (PDF, 422.0 KB) on giving evidence, our procedures, and what happens after your interview.

This page was last updated on 19 Aug 2022.