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This page lists open assessments and investigations and those concluded since 1 July 2020.

Full summaries of assessments and investigations finalised in previous years are contained in the Commission's annual reports.

The Commission aims to complete assessments within 40 business days. Investigations, however, can be complex and take considerable time to conclude. This list does not include matters dismissed or referred at triage.

Valid as at 18 January 2021.

Open matters


NameNumber Principal allegation(s)
Cuvier MM18/0205 Improper or dishonest performance of functions and powers for personal gain in use of public facilities
Hyperion MM18/0224 Improper exercise of powers and review of relevant policies and practices
Munro MM20/0003 Dishonest conduct relating to falsification of workplace documents
Tyndall MM20/0028
Improper exercise of statutory powers and attempt to adversely affect the performance of a public officer
FisherMM20/0146Improper use of information and conflicts of interest arising from association with member of public


NameNumber Principal allegation(s)
KerfordMM20/0238Failure to declare and manage a conflict of interest in statutory decisions

Closed matters

(since 1 July 2020)

TypeNameNumber Principal allegation(s)Outcome
InvestigationBoomerMM18/0204Improper or dishonest performance of functions and powers in procurement and provision of public servicesReferred to principal officer, with suggested improvements to processes
Conflict of interest when exercising statutory powers and in decision-making.Dismissed, with suggested improvements to processes provided to principal officer
AssessmentByronMM20/0096Improper exercise of powers by a statutory panelDismissed
AssessmentCastorMM20/0143Misuse of a government credit card in purchasing entertainment and personal itemsDismissed, with confirmation of improvements to processes by principal officer
AssessmentDucaneMM20/0154Misuse of government resources, including possible theft of materialsReferred to principal officer for investigation and action
AssessmentEitelMM20/0159Improper exercise of functions in providing advice on a statutory decisionDismissed
AssessmentGwynneMM20/0198Failure to manage work program with care and diligence, and discrimination against staffDismissed
AssessmentHousetopMM20/0204Failure to properly investigate complaintDismissed
AssessmentInglewoodMM20/0226Conflict of interest in exercise of statutory powerDismissed

This page was last updated on 10 Mar 2021.