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The Tasmanian Integrity Commission’s Annual Report for 2020-21 (PDF, 1.4 MB), tabled in Parliament today, demonstrates how the work of the Commission improves the quality of public service and enhances public trust in government. It also marks a moment of transition for the Commission following a 3-year increase in funding announced in the 2020-21 State budget.

This year, the Commission received 171 complaints, 69 notifications of misconduct from public authorities, and concluded 15 assessments and 3 investigations. The Board released one public report in relation to an investigation completed in 2019–20. Investigations are reserved for the most serious misconduct allegations received by the Commission and those relating to senior public officers.

Priorities for new resourcing include additional investigative capacity, which means more timely operations, and improved analysis of systemic risk areas to inform further engagement, education, research, or own-motion investigations, which can be conducted in the absence of a specific complaint.

Chief Executive Officer, Michael Easton, signalled an increased focus on transparency and accountability in the strategic vision and operation of the Commission.

‘We will be providing more information publicly with regards to our research projects, including announcing projects as they commence, when appropriate’, said Mr Easton.

‘This will facilitate engagement with the work of the Commission, including educating the community on the role and functions of the Commission itself. We are increasing our capacity to monitor compliance of public officers and authorities with their statutory obligations, and will engage with agencies to increase their capacity to address misconduct.

‘We hope to provide information for both the public and the public sector into our core activities, while adhering to the highest standards of procedural fairness and privacy. Our goal is to increase the trust that the Tasmanian community has in the public sector, and we recognise our responsibility to inform the public in that regard’, said Mr Easton.

The Annual Report provides key statistics, summaries, and discussion of activities of the Commission during 2020–21, and is available on the Commission’s website:

Media release by Michael Easton Chief Executive Officer

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