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The organisational chart starts in the upper middle with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michael Easton. The CEO position has one link up and to the right and three links below. The link pointing to the upper right indicates the position of Chief Commissioner, Greg Melick AO SC. The three links below point to Corporate Services Director Rachael Daniels, Operations Director Sarah Frost, and Misconduct Prevention Acting Director Kylie Fisk.

Beneath the Corporate Services Director are four roles: Business Services Coordinator, Business Systems Analyst, Information Management Officer, and Administrative Assistant.

Beneath the Operations Director, there are six roles: two Senior Investigators, a Systems Investigator, a Compliance Investigator, an Operations Officer, and Casual Typists.

Beneath the Misconduct Prevention Director, two branches are indicating two teams. At the top of one branch is the Senior Consultant for Research, Evaluation and Reporting. At the top of the other branch is the Senior Consultant for Education and Training. Beneath the Senior Consultant for Research, Evaluation and Reporting, there are three roles: a Consultant for Engagement and Communications, a Consultant for Research and Data, and a Coordinator for Project Support. Beneath the Senior Consultant for Education and Training there are four roles: a Consultant for Education and Engagement, a Consultant for Education Design and Technology, a Coordinator/Digital Support Officer, and Casual Educators.

The Board is sitting outside of the main connections in the upper right corner: Greg Melick, Luppo Prins, Phil Foulston, and Rob Winter.

This page was last updated on 28 Mar 2022.