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An investigation into alleged conflicts of interest within the Board of Tourism Tasmania.

Report 2 of 2019


This is the Board of the Integrity Commission’s report of an investigation undertaken by the Commission arising from four complaints received in May, June and July 2018. The focus of the complaints were allegations of misconduct relating to the disclosure of pecuniary interests by the Chair of the Board of Tourism Tasmania, James Cretan. Allegations were also raised or identified regarding Ian Rankine and one other Tourism Tasmania Board director, and one employee of Tourism Tasmania.

The Commission investigated the complaint to determine the factual basis for any misconduct, as defined in the Integrity Commission Act 2009 (the IC Act).

A report of the investigation was prepared by a Commission investigator and submitted to the Board in accordance with s 57(1) of the IC Act. The investigator made findings of fact on the basis of the evidence obtained during the investigation. The investigation addressed the main allegations of misconduct as identified in the complaint, and also considered additional issues that were identified during the investigation.

The Board considered the investigator’s report and determined to dismiss the complaint. The Board then finalised a version of the report that it considered suitable for tabling in both Houses of Parliament. The Board has redacted or modified some sections where it considered that it was in the public interest to do so.

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