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The Integrity Commission works to improve the standard of conduct, propriety and ethics in Tasmania's public sector.

An ethically healthy public sector is one in which employees Speak up about misconduct when they see it.

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The Integrity Commission has developed a range of resources to assist Tasmanian public sector agencies educate and prevent misconduct. For more information on prevention and engagement activities go to Prevention and Education. To see the range of ethical decision-making videos go to Video Scenarios.

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The Commission invites heads of public sector organisations and public officers who have an interest in public interest disclosures/whistleblowing to attend a lunch-box presentation with Dr A J Brown, professor of Griffith University, on Thursday 2 June in Hobart.

‘Whistleblowing’ is a contentious topic, evoking confusion and angst, as processes are often misunderstood. Yet it has great potential to assist in developing ethical workplace cultures and practices.

Prevention & Education News

The Commission launches ‘Thanks is enough’

The Integrity Commission has released the ‘Thanks is enough’ awareness campaign to help public authorities manage the ethical risks that emerge when gifts and benefits are offered to public sector employees. The campaign’s core message is that simple expressions of appreciation from the public and businesses are welcomed, but if that expression involves a gift then it presents risks to the employee and the public authority involved. Therefore ‘thanks is enough’.

The Commission is providing all public authorities (free of charge) with a package of awareness tools to help spread this message. These are customised for each public authority and can be distributed with minimal effort.

Public authorities can easily get on-board with the campaign by contacting or by calling 1300 720 289.